This is my submission to the ScoreSpace Jam #17 (Theme: Protect)

Shade is a short and sweet prototype exploring the mechanics of light and shadow in a minimalistic art style.

Note: Please see known issues below and let me know if you find any other game breaking bugs while you play.

- Controls -

Move player with arrow keys or WASD

- Use of Theme -

The goal of the game is to protect your green player from the light.

You can use your yellow player to block the light, protecting your green player.

- Leaderboard -

Score data is stored in a Google Firestore database

Data is stored and queried using an amazing Godot Addon  called GodotFirebase

- Known Issues -

- Audio glitches out when transitioning between levels or when going to fullscreen

- Updates -

Rev 0.0.4

- Resolved a bug that allowed the player to skip levels when spamming the down key at certain times. 

-Resolved a bug that occasionally caused the player to spawn at the wrong position

- Removed adjustable jump height as this seemed to cause issues for players running the game on certain hardware

- Changed score submission code to eliminate duplicate entries from the leaderboard

- Added a max character limit of 25 to the username field

Rev 0.0.5

- Resolved a bug that allowed the player to submit the same score multiple times to the leaderboard

Rev 0.0.6

- Resolved a bug that caused inconsistencies in movement based on framerate

- Increased entries shown on leaderboard to 25 and added scrolling to accommodate viewing of the additional scores


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lin_0.0.6.x86_64 49 MB 39 MB
win_0.0.6.exe 48 MB


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I can't jump even close to high enough to finish level 6.

What OS were you playing on?

Was it the web version or a downloaded version of the game?

Just wondering, because I did not test the game on Linux or Mac. 

I was playing the web version on windows.

Thanks, was it on Google Chrome or a different browser?

Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure it isn't a game breaking bug for everyone.

It was on the Brave bowser which has the same base as chrome.

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Update: works fine now.

Nice, thanks for the update!