This is my submission for the "Game Off 2020" Game Jam (Theme: Moonshot)

It is a physics-based puzzle game with some interesting mechanics.

The Game: You are preparing for an upcoming rocket launch, and you have the most important job of all... Packing Boxes.


Played with the mouse (Some Keyboard Shortcuts noted on screen)

There will be a grid of cells at the bottom of the screen used for control

Left Click: Select Cell

Right Click: Unselect Cell

Hope you enjoy, and feedback is MUCH appreciated

Please let me know if you find any game-breaking bugs.

Known Issues:

-There is a notable audio delay in some browsers


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This game looks really neat, concept-wise. ^^ I have a question I want to ask/discuss and would like to get in contact with you; what is the best way for me to go about doing so? (:

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Wow! What an amazing game. This as a lot of potential! Please make it more obvious which color is activated or not though.


can you add a sandbox level


Really good suggestion :)

If I ever plan on continuing development of the game and releasing it I think a sandbox would fit in very well with the gameplay.

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This game is awesome, played it in one sitting. With more levels I could play for hours (and there's looots of potentials, I felt like I was just scratching th surface with all the different mechanics). 

The only part that might be improved are UI and color choices. I was stuck for quite some time in the first tutorial where you use the cell mechanic Maybe adding a highlight of some sort to the bottom area ? I was trying to clic on the object at the center of the screen, not thinking the red bar was important. I kept clicking on the "Pause" button to stop the process. Having some clear play/pause icon instead of the green/red circle could help, and some sort of option/menu icon on the current "pause" button.

The right click to disable a cell is kind of superfluous, simply left clicking to toggle on/off a cell would be more intuitive and comfortable in my opinion.

The opacity effect for enables/disables part is difficult to process, adding some kind of shape/motif differences for on/off would help. Especially when first discovering a level and trying to decypher it.

These are my few nitpicks, but this is a really good idea, the puzzles and mechanics are smart and it's a fertile ground for a great game. Bravo !


Glad you enjoyed it :)

And thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

I got a lot of similar feedback concerning the UI and some of the less-communicated mechanics. Especially the right-click cell issue.

Things to note for my next game.

Thanks again and good luck with the Jam!