This is my submission to the  Godot Wild Jam #28 (Theme: Egg)

Github Repository:

Play as an egg trying to hatch and get back to the nest

A Note: In typical game jam style, this is not so much a fully fleshed-out game as an exploration of several new mechanics and programming challenges. Further levels may appear in the future but for the time being please enjoy the content that is there :)

Controls: Arrow Keys / WASD

If you would prefer to download the game you can access windows/mac/linux  files in my Github Repository noted above. (In the "Exports" folder)

Hope you enjoy it, Feedback is MUCH appreciated!

Please let me know if you find any game-breaking bugs so I can make note of them in the game description.

Known Issues-


-There are some minor audio glitches when transitioning to and from the win screen

-Music may not play properly depending on your browser and hardware. Try refreshing the webpage or playing NOT in full screen. If this does not work you can mute the music in the settings menu. 


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Great game, I love the rolling+jumping mechanic.

Thanks phil :D


Great game! 

I've encountered this weird glitch, the music is just totally glitched.

The rest of the game was just so well polished and fun. 

Thanks for the feedback 🙂

Sorry to hear about the music. 

Would you be able to tell me what browser you're using?

i've tried chrome and edge.