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Your games are really great.

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying them 🙂


i got second on the leaderboard B)


10/10 My cat tried to attack the spider thing.  Super cute and thought the mechanics were clever!


Great :) A lot of fun. Nice movement and very clever idea.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Any thoughts on doing Brackey's Jam RN? HMU on Discord if interested: Dr Codex#3284


Congratulations on the well-deserved first place! Great work!

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The game is recording the time of recent attempt finishing the stage. It would be better if it updates only when it is the best time record.

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Just checked the code, you are totally right. Thank you VERY much for the heads up. I’ll upload an update shortly :)

Alright, hopefully Rev 0.2.2 should resolve that issue and a few others.


Congratulations for your first place! your game is awesome!


Thanks! Glad you like it :)


Awesome game, I loved the aesthetic and the music. It was tough to get to the end but worth it.


Managed 1st place (at least at the moment with 4:11:150).

Short but excellent game. It's highly original and challenging (but not impossible).


Level 11 nearly broke my spirit, but the ending was really cute, made it worth the effort.